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Tips On How To Make Brazilian Hair Extensions Last Longer

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Tips On How To Make Brazilian Hair Extensions Last Longer

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Brazilian Hair extensions can cost anywhere from R3000 to R6000, depending on the type and brand. When paying this price, you will definitely want to get the most out of your money. The only way to do this is to take care of your extensions utilizing the recommendations from the top hair stylists. Plus, you will want to keep them looking great for as long as possible. Below, you will discover several tips to make your hair extensions last longer.

Shampoo For Hair Extensions

People with hair extensions must choose their shampoo carefully. In fact, some shampoos contain ingredients that can be harmful to Brazilian Hair extensions, as well as your real hair and scalp. One such ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent and emulsifier. This ingredient is well known for causing scalp irritations, hair loss, dry hair, and fading hair color.

Shampoos that are designed specifically for hair extensions will maintain proper moisture levels, while preventing tangles.

Detangling Hairbrush 

It is only natural for Brazilian Hair extensions to become tangled. The only solution is a detangling brush that is designed specifically for Brazilian hair extensions. A detangling hair comb will also work and will probably work better near the attachments.

Proper Brushing Technique

A dentist will tell you to make sure that you are always brushing your teeth directly after eating. Well, the same thing can be said about Brazilian Hair extensions. Any hair expert will tell you that brushing your extensions multiple times can loosen tangles, as well as keep your hair looking silky and shiny. If you have ever dealt with Brazilian Hair extensions before, you probably already know that they are extremely notorious for tangling. And, brushing is one of the best ways to ensure that your hair stays tangle-free.

If you do experience tangles, it is best to start at the bottom of the extensions and work your way up towards the scalp. Try using your hands to loosen the tangles before running a brush through your hair.  This will make your Brazilian Hair Extensions last twice as long. Be sure to keep a firm grip on the hair near the attachments to prevent the Brazilian Hair extension from being pulled out.

Do Not Wash Frequently

It may seem kind of gross and you might be surprised to learn that over-washing your Brazilian hair extensions can cause them to wear out much quicker than normal. This does not mean that they do not need to be washed. Just make sure that you are not over-washing them. It is true that hair extensions are made of human and synthetic hair. Since they are not actually tied into the scalp, they will not receive any of the natural oils that your real hair does. This means they do not need to be washed as often and this is even truer for the clip-on style extensions.

Even if you find that you are wearing your clip-on extensions on a daily basis, you should be able to make it a month or two before you actually have to wash them. If you do transition from curly to straight, use a flat iron or curling iron rather than washing.

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