More Tips/ Best of Shine Products

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There are many ways to blowdry the hair, and there is a wide variety of brushes you can use when drying the hair. Most people use a vent brush, which is a brush with vents between the rows of bristles. The vents allow the air to flow through the brush itself. I sometimes use vent brushes, but one of my secrets to drying hair is to replace the vent brush with a paddle brush. Paddle brushes have solid backs to them. This keeps the heat directly on the hair, drying it faster than a conventional vent brush. The biggest change I’ve made in my drying technique has been switching to a paddle brush when blowing the hair dry. This works especially well with short hair. You’ll find paddle brushes add more volume than vent brushes. I’ve even gone farther by finding a paddle brush with a very short handle…the kind they sell in accessory shops in the mall for women to throw in their purse. They only cost about $2.00 and are just wonderful. I call it my secret weapon, and once you become proficient with using one, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I like when women blowdry their hair straight. However, most women have some breakage, usually caused by pulling the hair up in a ponytail. this breakage ofter occurs around the hairline. To remedy this, I use Aveda’s Self-Control hairstyling stick. It looks like a bar of deodorant. Use it to make flyaways or breakage lay down, and use it on cowlicks or unruly hair. I suppose you can use it under your arms too, if your underarm hair gets unruly…..

I just wrapped up a little experiment I conducted, testing over a dozen professional products used to add shine to the hair. Some products looked a little greasy, some smelled funky. Others were really terrific. So here are the results of my little survey…

Best Shine Product: Shinesque by Nexxus. This product comes in a small aerosol spray can. Most other shine products are either spritzes or thick liquid drops. The small can can be taken anywhere, and the results are very impressive. It’s easy to use and doesnt make it look as if you just combed your hair with a pork chop.

Honorable Mentions: Rusk Shining. This comes in a pump spray, is virtually odorless and looks very natural on the hair. One pump is all you need for even long hair. I currently use this one on my clients. Rusk also makes Sheer Brilliance polisher, which comes in a lotion form. Also a very nice product. Matrix Biolage Shine Renewal is a very fine product, it is a pump spray and comes in a small easy to carry bottle. This has been a great seller in the salon, it practically flies off the shelf. Artec PureHair Neroli Reflecting SprayShine is a high quality product, made with plant extracts, and has a wonderful smell to it. It is one of my favorites out of all that I tested.