Bedtime Care for Long Dreadlocks

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Most individuals have a night time ritual. Typically this involves personal hygiene including activities like brushing teeth, showering and face washing. Many people however also have a bedtime routine for hair care. This is especially important for individuals who wear dreadlocks as lint from blankets and sheets can easily become entangled in the hair. If locks are really long, they can become somewhat itchy to the neck and lower back making it more difficult to sleep.

Throughout the day, locks (as well as unlocked hair) can take in and hold odors like cigarette smoke. They can also pick up airborne allergens like pollen and dust mites which can adversely affect the health of many individuals, especially those with allergies or breathing disorders. Following this simple and quick night time ritual for dreadlocks can aid greatly in the condition of locks as well as helping one to achieve a good night sleep.

Supplies Needed for Dreadlock Bedtime Routine:

1 Lint-Free Face Cloth or Hand Towel

 Lavender Oil (or other favorite essential oil)

1 Large Scrunchy

1 Satin/Silk Scarf or Sleep Cap

Steps and the Dreadlock Bedtime Routine:

  • Fill si
    nk basin with very hot water.
  • Put in 3-4 drops of lavender oil.
  • Soak towel in sink.
  • Ring dry. This is an important step as locks should not get really wet.
  • Bend head forward.
  • Work towel over locks from nape of neck to end of hair. Throw hair back and repeat steps 3 and 4. Work towel over locks from forehead down. This should feel very good and is quite relaxing.
  • If needed, dry locks with a lint free towel.
  • Bend head forward again. While bent forward braid locks (very loosely) going over or atop, not under.
  • Continue to the end of hair, or until hair is no longer even. Tie ends together with a large scrunchy. Hair will now be very high on top of head.
  • Finish by securing locks and cover using hair scarf.

Any type of fragrant oil including lemon or myrrh can be used in lieu of lavender oil. Nonetheless, lavender is a wonderful choice as it is believed to aid in rest and relaxation, and therefore great for use at bedtime. Other good options include tea tree oil and rosemary (said to be good for dandruff), or peppermint (providing a cool sensation and good for alleviating odors).

If done nightly, this routine will help to keep locks looking clean and healthy. It will also aid in a wonderful and peaceful night of rest.